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The first and most important thing to know about disposing your vehicle is to find someone who will respect you, your vehicle, and your time.

There are many buyers out there that will offer you a very generous number, but most if not all of these guys will charge you hidden fees which will bring your in hand number lower and lower. Beware these buyers will charge/deduct from you : by the mile for disposal, descrepencies in description, hassle for hookup of your vehicle, flat or missing wheels and/or tires, or simply even just the time of pickup.

The things to look for are:

  • Does this place actually have a physical location?(You'll need this in the event you ever need to know where your car was last).
  • Do these people own their own tow trucks? (If someone else is towing for them, they might pass on additional fees to you).
  • How long has this place been in business? (This will help you see what kind of feedback these guys may have from other people like you).
  • What do they plan to do with my car? (Many junk buyers will resell your car, which means someone can come knocking at your doors if the paperwork isn't filled out correclty, and leaves you still liable as the owner of the vehicle).
  • How honest and serious do these people really seem? (Sometimes by stringing you along for sometime, you will loose credability with other buyer indirectly limiting your buyers).
  • When to Junk a vehicle:
    1. If the cost of repairs to your vehicle sum to atleast half the value of your repaired vehicle.
    2. If your vehicle is beyond repair.
    3. If your vehicle is not safe anymore or road worthy.
    4. If your vehicle has too many problems with it that repairing.
    5. If you're not comfortable with someone else being behind the wheel of your vehicle for problems undiagnoseable.

    Now that you know what you should junk, the next main question is where should you find your buyers.

    How to negotiate with your buyer: Tell them what you want for your car. Be resonable, dont expect to get 1/2 the value of your car if it is dissabled. Dont expect to get compensated for new parts you put on your car.

    Now that you know the basics, lets go over the steps.
    1. You need to find out what your car is worth in running perfect condition.
    2. How much repairs are needed to bring your car to this condition?
    3. If the cost of repairs is half or more than half the value of your car in perfect condition, junking may be a viable option.
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